Galashiels BID vote

Borders Reiver statue in Galashiels

Published: Friday, 30th November 2018

Galashiels has voted to reject a Business Improvement District (BID) in the town.

Ballot papers were distributed to eligible persons in October and the votes were opened and counted on Friday 30 November. A total of 147 votes were cast, representing a 43.75% turnout

To be successful, the majority of those businesses voting must be in favour of the BID and the majority measured by Rateable Value must be in agreement with the BID.


  • 105 businesses voted in favour of the plan, representing 71% of the votes cast while 42 businesses voted against the plan, representing 29%.
  • Measured by Rateable Value, £1.82m voted in favour – representing 38.7% of the Rateable Value vote - while £2.9m voted against, representing 61.3% of the Rateable Value vote.

Councillor Mark Rowley, Executive Member for Business and Economic Development

“While it is disappointing to hear that Galashiels has chosen not to go ahead with a Business Improvement District for the town, we understand the pressures businesses and shops are currently under and the tight budgets they need to work to.

“I would pay tribute to the very significant efforts made by Energise Galashiels in seeking to deliver a BID and particularly the strong leadership provided by Craig Murray and his hard working team. This is not the result they would have wished for but they should be proud of the personal contribution they have made to the future of Galashiels.

“Despite this setback, there are a number of exciting projects being taken forward in Galashiels to regenerate the town, including streetscape improvements and the Great Tapestry of Scotland Visitor Centre which will kick start delivery of the Galashiels Masterplan.

“The Council recognises the importance of town centres, regardless of whether they introduce a Business Improvement District or not, and we will provide appropriate support to ensure Galashiels has a bright future. Alongside other partners, including Energise Galashiels, we now have an important role to play to help lead the town in ensuring its successful regeneration is achieved.”