‘Made in Hawick’ branding initiative project progressing well


Published: Wednesday, 07th November 2018

An initiative to support business in Hawick and encourage tourism is continuing to develop, with many local firms already backing the new ‘Made in Hawick’ brand.

The project, funded by ourselves and being delivered through the Future Hawick group, has also recently appointed a project manager.

Following her appointment Sarah Macdonald has been meeting businesses and is encouraging more to get involved.

Work on developing an online portal will also be progressed, which will link to the manufacturing businesses’ own websites and encourage people to visit the town, as well as a leaflet promoting the town and its products.

Sarah Macdonal, project manager

“As an initial introduction it has been an incredibly positive start to have met with local businesses and hear their support and enthusiasm for the new Made in Hawick brand.

“Following on from the development of the brand we have established a presence on social media and will be engaging with more businesses and residents of the town over the coming months to raise awareness of the brand and what the overall project seeks to do, and encourage their support.”

Councillor Mark Rowley, Executive Member for Business and Economic Development

“The development of a brand for Hawick, promoting the fantastic and often world-leading products made in the town, grew from the initial work by the Council and local business community on the Hawick Action Plan.

“Hawick produces some products of exceptional quality and that quality deserves to be better-recognised, so the Council was delighted to support this initiative with funding and support.

“The progress to date is testament to the significant efforts of Future Hawick and the project steering group, and now Sarah is on board we hope to see swift progress in developing wider awareness of the Made in Hawick brand.”