Storm Ali causes travel issues across Borders

Fallen tree, weather warning, wind

Published: Wednesday, 19th September 2018

Storm Ali has caused significant travel issues across the Borders today.

The Met Office issued an Amber Warning for strong winds from 8am to 6pm today, with the winds expected to peak this afternoon.

It has resulted in a large number of falling trees closing a significant number of roads across the Borders, damage to infrastructure and power cuts.

Updates are available.


As a result of the weather conditions, parents/carers of primary pupils who normally walk home are encouraged to collect their child from the school at the end of the school day.

Primary and secondary pupils who travel to and from school by bus will be kept at the school until it is confirmed that their route home is clear and safe.

Some bus routes may run as normal, but others are likely to be delayed.

Additional support needs transport will be assessed on a case by case basis and pupils will be retained in school until safe to travel home.


A number of power cuts have been reported. Anyone who experiences a power cut call freephone 105 and it will register your location. They can also check on the SP Energy Network website.

Chief Executive Tracey Logan

“The Met Office initially predicted the strongest winds to hit the Borders by mid-morning but instead it has arrived later, causing significant disruption.

“The strongest winds recorded so far are 86mph in the western side of the Borders, which shows the extreme conditions we are facing.

“The conditions are expected to ease this evening but we will be closely monitoring the situation throughout the rest of today, with the Emergency Bunker remaining open throughout the Amber Warning. A Yellow Warning for strong winds then runs until 10pm tonight.”