New Borders Railway discount for friends and family of visually impaired

Darrin and Elizabeth pope with councillor John Greenwell at Tweedbank station

Published: Monday, 10th September 2018

A new offer has been launched which offers a 50 per cent discount to a companion of a visually impaired person travelling on the Borders Railway.

With support from ScotRail, we have made the conssesion available with £20,000 worth of funding.

The half price offer applies to single or return travel to Edinburgh from Tweedbank, Galashiels and Stow, with restrictions to peak travel applying.

The scheme is initially being run for one year to allow evaluation of the trial to take place.

Applying for the Borders Railway discount pass

The pass can be applied for at any of our contact centres. All you need to bring with you is:

  •  ID
  • proof of address
  • a passport size photo
  • eligibility proof required

Anyone severely sight impaired (previously blind) is automatically eligible for a +1 companion card, and if sight impaired (previously partially sighted) they will need to provide evidence that they meet certain criteria. 

To find out if eligible call our Customer Advice and Support Service on 0300 100 1800.

Darrin Pope, has a sight impairement and the new scheme will allow his wife to travel at half price

“I am extremely pleased this new offer is in place. It will make a huge difference for us travelling to Edinburgh as it is too difficult for me to travel on my own.

“The Borders Railway has made a difference to our lives. We don’t have a car so the railway has allowed us to do a lot more.”

Councillor John Greenwell, Equalities Champion

“The Borders Railway has had a hugely positive economic impact on our area, but equally as important is the difference it has made to the lives of local people for work, education and leisure in the three years since it opened.

“That is why this new pilot scheme is to be welcomed, allowing a friend or family member to accompany someone with a +1 companion card to travel along the railway to Edinburgh with a 50 per cent discount and potentially access other areas of Scotland.

“We believe this scheme could provide a series of benefits, such as encouraging use of public transport, improving the environment and providing advantages for physical health and social interaction.”

Claire Dickie, ScotRail Head of Revenue Development

“We are doing all we can to make rail travel as simple as possible and we are delighted to offer our support to this pilot scheme.

“We are committed to making the railway open and accessible to all and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate that commitment and encourage people to use ScotRail services.”

Further Information

Images are available on Flickr page.

A full list of our contact centres is available on our website.

Borders residents who are sight impaired or severely sight impaired can currently apply for a National (Scotland) Concessionary Travel for Blind Persons card which provides free travel on bus, coach and rail services in Scotland.

With this pass, they can then receive a +1 companion automatic entitlement if severely sight impaired which allows a friend or family member to travel for free on buses only. If sight impaired, you will still need to provide evidence that you meet certain criteria.