Discussions with communities over planting to continue

Flowers and green foliage

Published: Monday, 30th July 2018

Over the last six months we have been meeting and discussing with local residents plans to change the way floral displays are managed. 

Having spent a lot of time listening and understanding concerns, we have decided to defer plans to amend the current service until next year. This will allow time for further conversations to take place.

We remain committed to increasing wildflower areas in the Borders and residents are being asked to suggest areas that could be turned into grassland or wildflower meadows to improve biodiversity.

A total of 20 areas were included in a wildflower pilot last summer, including a popular pedestrian link between Tweedbank and Abbotsford House.

Suggestions can be provided online. 

Councillor Sandy Aitchison, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Locality Services

“Many productive discussions have taken place with key local groups over several months regarding our plans to introduce permanent displays rather than seasonal planting and change or remove areas of bedding plants.

“What has become apparent is that both the Council and communities need more time to discuss how we can, working together, deliver financially and environmentally sustainable displays. It is for that reason that we have agreed to defer any changes for 12 months.

“During that time we will continue to work closely with communities and ‘In Bloom’ groups to explore the support that they may require to play their part and undertake bedding plant maintenance and also look together at how some areas could be redesigned to meet all our objectives.”