Education Scotland acknowledge key strengths at Kingsland Primary

Front view of a school building with blue sky in the background

Published: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

Education Scotland's inspection report on Kingsland Primary School and Nursery released on 12 June has acknowledged a number of key strengths across both settings.

During their visit to the Peebles school in April this year, the team of inspectors spoke to parents, carers and children and worked closely with the headteacher and staff. 

Key strengths across school and nursery

Overall, they found a number of strengths at the school:

  • the strong leadership of the highly effective headteacher and her relentless drive to secure the best possible outcomes for pupils
  • children were seen to be motivated, engaged, articulate and proud of their school
  • children were supportive of each other and keen to learn and do well
  • relationships between children and staff were positive across the school community with staff in both the school and nursery working well as a team
  • children and staff were keen to engage in the process of change and improvement of children’s experiences and achievements
  • children’s experiences were enhanced by the setting’s positive learning environment, supported by an inclusive and nurturing ethos
  • the accommodation and grounds and high quality, relevant displays around the school and nursery added further value to learning.

Headteacher, Jacqueline Wilson

“I am delighted that the hard work, commitment and strong ethos of everyone at Kingsland, including the nursery, has been recognised in this report. It was a supportive visit by HMIe and challenged our thinking which will help us to continue to move the school forward. I am also pleased that the report acknowledged our children as a strength of the school because they are the ones that make all our efforts worthwhile.”

Parent Council Chairs, Kim Rand and Judith Akerman

“We accept the overall conclusions of this report and are pleased that Education Scotland has noted the many important strengths of our school.

“We also recognise that there are some aspects which require improvement and with the support of all stakeholders, will ensure that Kingsland Primary continues to be a school that pupils are proud to attend.

“We share Education Scotland's expectations of high standards of achievement and attainment for all of the young people in the Scottish Borders and will be working with the head teacher and her staff, as well as pupils and parents, to ensure these expectations are met.

“The Parent Council would like to thank all involved with Kingsland Primary for their hard work and dedication, which we are pleased to see so positively reflected in this report, and look forward to seeing our school continue to develop and improve.”

School to continue with improvements

Education Scotland identified a number areas for improvement but state that they are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and will therefore make no further visits in connection with their inspection. 

On that basis, Scottish Borders Council and the school will continue to make progress with:

  • building consistency in high quality learning and teaching across both primary and nursery settings
  • providing more opportunities for children to lead their own learning whilst ensuring an appropriate pace and challenge for all
  • involving staff, parents and children in continuing to improve the curriculum and developing a clearer pathway for children’s learning in health and wellbeing.
  • continuing to raise their expectations and aspirations to improve further children’s attainment and achievement.

More information

  • HM Inspectorate of Education is the national body responsible for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching from early years to adult and community learning.
  • The Summarised Inspection Findings are available on the Education Scotland website