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Published: Friday, 20th April 2018

Just over a month since the Beast from East struck the region, we are urging residents to support the #yourpart campaign by considering joining their local Resilient Communities group.

Resilient Communities initiative

The Resilient Communities initiative enables communities to respond locally to incidents such as severe weather more effectively, with appropriate training and support from us.

They do this by carrying out local tasks such as:

  • clearing snow from pathways/community facilities
  • delivering supplies
  • providing meals and assistance to those in need
  • communicating with residents as well as the Emergency Bunker based at HQ

We support the groups by providing equipment, First Aid and general training as well as early warnings of severe weather or other important information.

A total of 42 Resilient Communities groups are currently active in the Borders, but we are calling on local people to either join a group or approach the Council to set up their own.

For more information about resilient communities visit our website.

SB Alert

Along with our partners we are encouraging people to sign up for SBAlert, the free community messaging system which now has over 5,000 members in the Borders.

It provides local information to the public on issues such as emergency situations, weather warning, crime, community safety or traffic information via email or phone.

Watch the video on resilient communities initiatives.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

 “The most recent period of severe weather once again displayed how valuable the work of our communities really is and we are very appreciative of how residents came together to help support us and our partners.

“Our Resilient Communities groups are absolutely vital in supporting us to respond to emergencies. As everyone knows, we can’t do everything or be everywhere at once - we need to prioritise while at the same time support the emergency services.  

“Activating our Community Resilience groups across the Borders during these situations provides us with the reassurance that they are doing what they can locally as well as providing vital information back to us in the Emergency Bunker. 

“As part of our new #yourpart campaign, we are urging anyone who is able and willing to contact us or their local community council to either join an existing group, or consider setting up their own.”

Jim Fraser, Emergency Planning Officer

 “Since the Beast from the East, we have been approached by a number of communities wishing to join the Resilient Communities initiative, who have realised the benefits of working together in these situations.

“Setting up a Resilient Communities group means local people can help each other in a safe and co-ordinated manner, with support from the Council.

“It provides a huge range of benefits both for the community involved, as well as for us and our partners in the emergency services.”

Further information

Images are available on our Flickr page.

A video is also available on our YouTube channel.