Berwickshire residents invited to come kurling in Coldingham

A group of people stand around the edge of a village hall playing a game of new age kurling

Published: Thursday, 01st February 2018

Berwickshire residents are being encouraged to come along and be part of a new age kurling club that is being set up in Coldingham.

The club is being formed with support from the Community Capacity Building team and follows a successful session that was held in January.

Attended by around 20 people from Coldingham and the surrounding area, they made good use of kurling kits that were kindly lent by the Leitholm and Grantshouse village halls.

The activity was so well received that the community decided that they would like to see it happening on a regular basis.

Generous donations from the Coldingham Second-Hand Bookshop and Community Council have enabled the group to purchase their own equipment and they are now keen to attract new members.

Every Wednesday in the Coldingam Village Hall

The club will meet weekly in the Coldingham Village Hall with the first session due to take place on Wednesday 14 February at 2pm. People of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Local resident, Norman Wood

“Coldingham Village Hall appreciates the prompt help and generosity of both the Community Council and our local bookshop for their support with our new venture. Hopefully it will mean that we can establish a group of people who are keen to meet for a sporting sociable and regular event which will be good for both individuals and the community. It should be great fun too.”

Councillor Tom Weatherston, Executive Member for Adult Social Care

"This is a wonderful example of a community coming together and showing real initiative by setting up an activity which they know will provide real benefit and enjoyment to everyone who comes along. I wish them well with their new venture and hope as many people as possible heed the call to come along and join in the fun.

“It also sends out a strong message about the generous community spirit that exists in East Berwickshire and will maybe encourage more people to visit Coldingham and the surrounding area, not just for a game of kurling but to enjoy the many other attractions that the area has to offer.”

More information

To find out more, contact the Community Capacity Building team on 01835 825080 or online

The team would also like to hear from any other communities who have been inspired by Coldingham’s example to get in touch and see what could be set up to promote engagement and participation in their locality.