Make sure you are prepared this winter

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Published: Tuesday, 21st November 2017

We are prepared for extreme weather - and are urging individuals, businesses, organisations and households to do the same this winter.

Councillors on the Executive Committee approved the region’s winter service plan for 2017/18 on Tuesday 21 November, which details what steps will be taken to ensure the local road network is free from ice and snow, within available resources.

Winter facts and figures

We have prepared a winter infographic which shows:

  • The 3,000km road network in the Borders is the equivalent of driving from Selkirk to Seville in the south of Spain;
  • There are 28 primary routes, which cover the main network of roads and each take two and a half hours to grit;
  • We currently has 18,750 tonnes of salt in storage – the same level as the start of winter 2016/17;
  • There are a total of 1,105 grit bins available across the Borders, 53 more than 2016;
  • A total of 99 vehicles are available to deal with winter – 36 footpath tractors and 63 gritter vehicles.

How can I prepare myself for winter?

  • Signing up to SB Alert to get up-to-date local information on weather, utility failures, serious crimes and other emergency incidents. A total of 4,500 people in the Borders are currently receiving messages from SB Alert, which is free to join;
  • Prepare yourself with practical advice available from Ready Scotland and our Winter pages
  • Communities who wish to help prepare themselves can also sign up to our Resilient Communities initiative
  • The Council offers subsidised flood products to allow households to protect their properties

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“We have had a series of mild winters in recent years - which has brought its own problems – but it is likely we will experience a more traditional severe winter sometime soon.

“If we do receive a prolonged spell of cold weather, the Council has vehicles ready, salt stocked and grit bins across the Borders for the public to use to help keep the Borders moving.

“Members of the public can also help themselves by being informed, including signing up for SB Alert, which is free and has proved invaluable to keeping communities and businesses updated in recent winters.

“Flooding is also an issue in winter, and we believe SBC is the only local authority in Scotland to offer subsidised flood products to households to help them protect their properties.”

More useful information

Images are available at our Flickr page.

The Winter Service 2017/18 report to Executive is available.

Useful information also available on