Roxburgh Street update

Roadworks warning triangle sign on a public road junction

Published: Friday, 10th November 2017

Progress is being made on repairing a privately owned dangerous building which has caused the closure of Roxburgh Street in Kelso to traffic.

Contractors are currently rebuilding the gable wall and have made enough progress to remove a section of the scaffolding on Friday 10 Novembe which was needed to keep the building safe, providing wider pedestrian access.

While vehicle access still cannot be provided for safety reasons, a structural engineer is due to visit the site next week and decide if the building is stable enough to allow further scaffolding to be removed and vehicles to return to the road.

Until then, pedestrian access is maintained on the road, with local businesses and shop open as usual.

What we are doing

The Council is directly undertaking the work under powers granted by the Building (Scotland) Act 2003, and is making every effort to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, while also making sure public safety is the priority.


  • The road was closed to traffic and pedestrians on Friday 22 September following the discovery of the dangerous building which had the potential to cause significant damage.
  • Pedestrian access was restored on Friday 6 October after the removal of a dangerous chimney from the building. However, the road has remained closed to traffic since due to the dangerous gable wall on the same building.
  • On Friday 27 October, contractors estimated it would take a further six weeks at least until repairs were completed and Roxburgh Street could reopen.


During the road closure, to enable access, the one-way order on Union Street has been temporarily suspended. Diversion signage is in place and is directing traffic from the town centre through Woodmarket, Rose Lane, East Bowmont Street and Bowmont Street.

Support local shops

Additional signage has also been put up to advise members of the public that local shops remain open as usual.