Working group appeal as Hawick Flood Scheme gains preliminary approval

Drone image of the River Teviot through Hawick

Published: Friday, 03rd November 2017

Members of the public are being invited to get involved in Hawick Flood Protection Scheme as the project continues to move forward.

Councillors gave preliminary approval to the scheme which will defend over 900 properties from a 1 in 75 year flood event.

Hawick Flood Scheme working groups

While the scheme needs to pass two more stages before we can take forward the works, this decision means the project team now has the authority to:

  • start the detailed design
  • begin setting-up the new working groups

Working groups were agreed with the people of Hawick during the objections consideration period. 

Traffic Management Working Group

This group will focus on minimising potential impact to traffic and pedestrian movement during the construction period. 

Community Vision Working Group

This group will work with the project team to look at how the local landscape can be tailored to meet the needs of the community once the flood protection scheme is completed.

Local knowledge an asset

It is intended to draw on local knowledge and use the collaborative working model that were so successful for the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme to achieve multiple benefits and opportunities at key areas.

In particular, the project team will initially focus on:

  • Common Haugh
  • Little Haugh
  • Mansfield Road
  • Duke Street
  • Weensland
  • Volunteer Park/Wilton Park area

Get involved in a working group

If you would like to get involved in these working groups:

Conor Price, Senior Project Manager for the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme,

“The preliminary decision is another major step forward for this project. 

“The team will now commence the establishment of the Community Vision Working Group and we invite anyone interested in working with the project to get involved. 

“The Community Vision Working Group will aim to link the people and businesses of Hawick into the development of the design of the flood scheme during the detailed design stage. 

“We not only desire but need people from across the town to be involved. I believe we have the structure for an excellent project that can not only deliver the flood protection the town deserves but also enhance the many notable features of the town and its river corridor.

“That said, we must not rest on our laurels as there is a lot of hard work ahead to ensure that this becomes the best possible scheme for the town of Hawick.”

Public review of the Flood Protection Scheme

We published the scheme for public review in April this year, which resulted in 48 objections being submitted, including eight from individuals or businesses within the construction and/or flood zones.

Since then, the project team carried out extensive discussions with the objectors and local community, including three additional public consultation events held in August which attracted over 260 people.

Objections to the scheme removed

As a result of these discussions, the eight individuals and businesses from within the construction and/or flood zones have removed their objections. 

Furthermore, the scheme did not receive any objections from the statutory stakeholders. The combination of which now means that the scheme does not require to be forwarded to the Scottish Ministers for consideration.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“The scheme has support from large swathes of the community, including the Hawick Flood Group and all of Hawick’s councillors.

“Valid concerns were also raised about the scheme but thankfully a sufficient number of objectors engaged proactively with the Council to allow the project team to fully understand the written concerns. We greatly appreciate this engagement and hope the objectors and many other people from the town will get involved in the new working groups.

“The Council is committed to taking the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme forward in order to protect these residents and their properties, as well as encouraging business growth in the town.”