Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project update

Wilton lodge park plan artists impression

Published: Tuesday, 31st October 2017

Wilton Lodge Park’s new café will be open by 8 February 2018.

Operator Caterleisure have confirmed the café will be opened by this date, ensuring the facility will be available for the mid-term school holidays.

The announcement confirms Caterleisure’s commitment to the café, with their plans at a well-developed stage and the planning permission and building warrant nearing conclusion.

Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project

The café is part of the £3.64million Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project, which has already delivered a number of new facilities including the hugely popular new play-park, cycle paths, Zandra Elliot Bandstand, Walled Garden, upgraded Waterfall Walk and improved Hawick Museum, alongside the summer events programme.

Our spokesperson

“We welcome Caterleisure’s confirmation of the date for the opening of the new café, which will undoubtedly be a significant asset for Wilton Lodge Park and Hawick for years to come.

“We also understand and share the frustration of the people of Hawick regarding the delays to the completion of the café but now we have confirmation of the opening, we are sure Caterleisure will provide a quality service for all users of the park. This includes the cafe being open for 12 months of the year for park users, a significant improvement on the initial plans to open the facility only on a seasonal basis.”

A total of 250,000 people visit Wilton Lodge Park each year, but the series of improvements to the park through the regeneration project are expected to increase this number, providing long-term benefits to Hawick.

Further information

The £3.64million Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project scheme is being funded by us and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

More information on the Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project and images are available.