Borders schools undergoing a digital transformation

The outside of Eyemouth High School on a sunny day.

Published: Thursday, 19th October 2017

Along with our IT partner CGI, we have rolled out new technology in schools, providing Wi-Fi access for senior secondary school pupils.

This will enable them to use their own devices for learning and we will provide an online parent evening booking system.

In eight of the Borders’ nine secondary schools a new wireless network for mobile technology has been established. The new Kelso High School will have this technology in place when it opens.  

Which pupils will have access?

Initially this network will be accessible for senior pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth year to enable them to connect mobile devices to enhance learning as part of the Council’s Digital Learning Strategy.

Online safety and restrictions

The network treats all personal devices like a school one by using a curricular login. It uses our filtering protocol to ensure pupils are safe online in school. Pupils will be able to save their work in a cloud-based solution.

Forbes McKay, Vice President - Strategy and Operations at CGI

“Enabling pupils to bring their own devices to school and use them to assist them in their learning has been an ambition of Scottish Borders Council for some time, and CGI is delighted to have been able to deliver a suitable and secure solution.”

Cllr Simon Mountford, Executive Member for Transformation and HR

“Today’s pupils have grown up with digital technology and it is important that we are able to make best use of this in their learning, while also ensuring that they do so in a safe and secure environment.

“By working with CGI we have been able to do this for all our senior secondary school pupils throughout the Borders, with pupils in Kelso to benefit from this when they move into the new high school.

“We also recognise that more and more parents want to deal with their school online. Following the success of ParentPay, which enables parents to pay for school meals, trips, clothing and more online the next step was to deliver an online solution to the booking of parent evening appointments.

“This has traditionally been a paper-based and labour intensive operation for school staff, pupils and parents. The rollout of the new online system will have a very positive impact for everyone, making it more efficient and time effective for all concerned.”