Borders Children’s Charity receive Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and Brian Evans awarded a British Empire Medal

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Published: Wednesday, 18th October 2017

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service has been presented to the Borders Children’s Charity while Brian Evans from St Boswells has received a British Empire Medal.

The awards were made by The Lord-Lieutenant of Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale, the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KBE, Richard Scottat a ceremony at Council Headquarters on 17 October.

Border Children's Charity

The Borders Children’s Charity received the Queens Award in recognition for their work in supporting some of the region’s most vulnerable children (aged 0-16).

Currently celebrating their 51st anniversary, the committee of volunteers work with schools, faith groups, health visitors, community nurses, school link workers and the police to provide financial assistance to families who are experiencing poverty, distress, illness or disability. In 2016/17, they paid out a wide range of grants that were used to purchase items including clothing, furniture, special needs equipment or to pay for school activities or trips that a child might otherwise have to do without.

Brian Evans, St Boswells

Brian Evans was honoured with a British Empire Medal for his community, voluntary and local service, particularly for the impact he has had on the Citizens Advice Bureau, both locally and nationally in his role as treasurer, and the Roxburgh Landward Benevolent Trust which he joined as treasurer and later became joint honorary secretary and treasurer.

Mr Evans’ experience of the legal and financial systems resulted in a transformation of the operations of the Central Borders CAB which included guiding them through the process of becoming a limited company and achieving a positive impact on their finances. He also made a number of improvements to the Trust’s financial status and enabled them to assist a wider group of vulnerable people in the Roxburghshire area. Mr Evans is also treasurer of the St Boswells Parish Church.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale

“It was my absolute pleasure to present both of these highly deserved awards.

“The commitment and scale of the achievements made by the Borders Children’s Charity is both inspirational and hugely humbling. Not only have they successfully raised considerable sums through their fundraising efforts, but their determination to do what they can to reduce inequality across our region means that 99 percent of every penny raised goes directly to the very children and young people who need it.

“Naturally it is distressing to know that there are families who require support to pay for some of life’s most basic essentials or the hobbies, sporting activities or school trips that other more fortunate children may take for granted. However, I have read comments from families and support workers that make it only too clear just what a difference the support they have received has made. Whether that has being able to purchase clothing, furniture, specialist equipment for a disabled child or perhaps swimming lessons and trip to a city museum, it seems to me that no request is ever discounted. Young carers who are often not only looking after a parent, but siblings as well, are also given a lifeline by receiving funding for a break away from their responsibilities. This is a profoundly important charity who were strongly recommended for the Queen’s Award and I have no hesitation in commending them for their commitment and dedication.

“Mr Evans is a highly worthy recipient of the British Empire Medal. Not only has he achieved significant financial, legal and operational benefits for both the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Roxburgh Landward Benevolent Trust, his reputation as a calm, conscientious and determined professional has been hugely appreciated. His unstinting commitment to the roles he undertakes clearly goes above and beyond what might be expected of him, and the esteem in which he is held is transparently evident as are the results he has been able to achieve. I have no doubt that he is an equally respected member of the St Boswells Parish and I congratulate him on his worthy achievement.”

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