Administration launches vision for next five years

Woman smiling at the camera holding a document with a backdrop behind

Published: Thursday, 21st September 2017

The Administration of the Council (made up of the Conservative Group and Independent Alliance) has today launched its vision for the next five years, which aims to deliver better communities for all

The Administration’s vision ‘Connected Borders’ is focused on six key areas, building communities that are:

  • Connected – improving physical and digital connectivity
  • Enterprising – maximising investment, supporting existing businesses and encouraging new ones
  • Beautiful – ensuring high quality development and high quality environment
  • Well – education for everyone, and a focus on mental and physical health
  • Caring – supporting families and carers and delivering clear patient pathways with partners
  • Empowered – enabling strong community partnerships can take decisions at a local level

Councillor Shona Haslam, Leader

“The Borders has many positives, including its beautiful countryside, historic towns, manufacturing heritage and close community ties, but there are challenges and we must ensure that no-one and no community is left behind and that we grow and develop together.

“As an Administration we are aiming to deliver economic growth and sustainable development, building our towns and villages into strong, energetic and engaged communities.

“We want to work closely with our partners to deliver on a range of commitments to improve the Scottish Borders for everyone who lives and works here, and also encourage more people to set up in business here and move to our area.

“Our communities have the skills, ambition and sense of purpose to lead the Scottish Borders into the future, and this vision sets out what we as an Administration want to achieve over the next five years and how we will go about this.”

‘Connected Borders’ will be presented to a meeting of the full Council on Thursday 28 September.