Our formal commitment to Digital Participation

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Published: Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

We have signed Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter.

This is a Scottish Government initiative to increase the number of people who are able to access and use online services. 

Scotland's Digital Participation Charter

By signing up to Scotland's Digital Participation Charter we are committing to five key pledges:

  • Skill up - we ensure that our staff and volunteers have the opportunity to develop basic digital skills.
  • Support staff - we support our staff and volunteers to help others learn basic digital skills and embrace digital tools.
  • Support Scotland - we support our nation by contributing resources and practical support for Scotland in whatever ways we can.
  • Back to basics - we support a common language based on digital participation and basic digital skills to make our thinking and actions as clear as possible.
  • Come together - we channel our efforts through the Digital Participation programme so that our activities are coordinated and build on each other

Councillor Simon Mountford, Executive Member for Transformation and HR

"As a public service organisation we recognise the important role we play in ensuring our staff and customers have the digital skills to do their jobs, live their lives, and confidently use the different digital services offered by so many organisations.

"By signing the charter we have made a formal commitment to doing this and we will be working with our staff and our partners to ensure that everyone in the Scottish Borders has the basic digital skills to take full advantage of the benefits of being digitally connected.”

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