Hawick Flood Protection Scheme update

Drone image of the River Teviot through Hawick

Published: Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Hawick Flood Protection Scheme’s project team will host a public meeting this month to discuss the scheme.

The meeting on Thursday 31 August at 7pm in Hawick Town Hall is open to all and will see the project team provide an update and host a question and answer session.

Site walks

The project team will also hold site walks for the public on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 August, at 6.30pm each night.

The site walk on 29 August will provide a tour of Lawson Bridge to Victoria Bridge stretch of the river, while the 30 August walk will tour the river from Mart Street Bridge to Mansfield Bridge. 

These evenings are intended to allow the project team to clarify the proposed Scheme to the public and to gain further insight into the views of the Hawick people about the project, which would protect over 900 properties against a 1 in 75 year flood event.


  • The project team continues to consider the objections received during the 28-day objection period, which concluded on 29 May 2017. 
  • During that period, the proposed Scheme was available for public inspection, and anyone was entitled to object to the Scheme.
  • Following assessment of the positive, negative and general enquiries received during the 28-day objections period, We determined that a total of 48 valid objections had been received.
  • The 48 objections will now be made available to the public for inspection through the Scheme’s website and at Hawick Contact Centre from Friday 18 August.
  • All objections will be redacted to remove all personal and sensitive information, in line with our Data Protection policy.

The 28-day objections period is one part of the process for obtaining confirmation of a flood protection scheme.

This is a formal process which is identified within the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 and which provides the main approval for the Scheme.

However, the Scheme must also obtain other approvals, such as being granted a licence from SEPA under the Water Environment (Controlled Environment) (Scotland) Regulations 2011, which is known as a CAR Licence.

Hawick Flood Protection Scheme’s Project Manager Conor Price

“The project team have always recognised that developing a flood protection scheme to protect the town of Hawick would be hugely complex and a major challenge. 

“The development of the design since October 2010 has always recognised both the challenges and the opportunities. The design has continuously evolved over that time through an open, consultative framework with key stakeholders and the people of Hawick, and it is very important to note that the Scheme’s design will continue to evolve on this basis.

“The proposed scheme is based only on an Outline Design and the Detailed Design is yet to be undertaken.

“Since 29 May, the project team have been considering the various themes presented through the 48 objections. We have also been considering the other communications presented through this period.

“We are now working to bring all of this together so that the Scheme that is presented to Council for approval this autumn is the best combination of options that will see the flood risk to Hawick substantially reduced.

“The upcoming public meeting and site tours are being held to allow the project team to continue this discussion with the people of Hawick. Please come along and let us know what you think.”

Councillor Gordon Edgar, our Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“The Hawick Flood Protection Scheme is a complex project and as a result we expected a number of objections to be received.

“We would encourage members of the community to come to the public meeting and site tours to find out more information on the project.

“This is such an important project for Hawick and the Council is committed to carrying out this process in a proper but timely manner.”

More information

Images are available at our Flickr page.

More information is available on the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme from its website or Facebook page.