Selkirk Streetscape Scheme works to get underway

Selkirk CARS

Published: Thursday, 10th August 2017

The next phase of ambitious plans to improve the centre of Selkirk begins this month.

Improvements to Market Place will run from Monday 21 August to Saturday 31 March 2018 to allow the £450,000 Selkirk Streetscape Scheme to be completed. The works are being phased to minimise disruption to visitors and traders whilst allowing construction works to be undertaken.

Planned improvements to Selkirk town centre

The plans include:

  • safer and improved areas for bus passengers to board
  • better seating and pavement surfaces
  • improved pedestrian crossings
  • provision to allow Market Place to be used for events and markets

Temporary disruption to parking/bus stop

During the works temporary bus stops will be used on the adjacent A7 road instead of the Market Place stop, while there will be times when parking in the Market Place is affected.

Business as usual

Signage will be in place to advise members of the public that businesses in the local area remain open as usual.

Selkirk streetscape scheme

The streetscape scheme has been finalised after consultation with the Selkirk Stakeholder Group.  This group is made up of representatives from organisations across the town, as well as members of the public during a drop-in session in September 2016.

In addition, our officers will visit local traders in the coming weeks to give further details on the streetscape works.

There have also been discussions with Historic Environment Scotland, Selkirk Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), Transport Scotland and Amey.

We are working closely with Transport Scotland and co-ordinating the streetscape works with works on the A7 road to maximise the benefits of the scheme.

Selkirkshire Councillors Michelle Ballantyne, Gordon Edgar and Elaine Thornton-Nicol (joint statement)

“The Selkirk Streetscape Scheme has involved considerable consultation with the Stakeholder Group which includes 15 different organisations from the town.

“We believe the scheme will greatly enhance the town centre for local people and visitors, while retaining the important historical character of Selkirk.

“While the works take place, we would encourage local people and visitors to continue to come to Selkirk and support our local shops.

“We are sure Souters will be pleased with the final outcome and look forward to Market Place becoming a real asset for the Royal Burgh for years to come.”

We are funding the streetscape works with Selkirk CARS providing part-funding for the scheme.

Selkirk town centre streetscape plan

Further information

The Selkirk Stakeholder Group is made up of representatives from:

  • Chamber of Trade
  • Community Council
  • Regeneration Company
  • Police Scotland
  • The Ex-Standard Bearers Association
  • Corporation of Weavers
  • Colonial Society
  • Incorporation of Hammermen
  • Selkirk Common Riding Trust
  • Live Borders
  • Selkirk CARS
  • Scott’s Selkirk
  • Amey
  • Bus operators
  • local churches
  • Selkirkshire Councillors

The scheme has been developed with our Engineering Design team and landscape architects.

Selkirk CARS

Selkirk Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) is a partnership project developed along with the community-based Selkirk CARS Steering Group.

Funding was successfully obtained from Historic Scotland in January 2013 and the project will run until March 2018.

Selkirk CARS is focused on a range of heritage and conservation-based regeneration activities within the town centre over a five year period.

The project has an overall budget of just over £1million, funded by Historic Scotland (£795,000) and us (£215,000).