Voters urged to make sure their vote counts at upcoming elections

Person posting ballot into box

Published: Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

With many Borderers voting in two polls on 8 June, voters are being asked to make sure that their vote counts.

The UK-wide General Election and a Scottish Parliament by-election in the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire Constituency both take place on 8 June.

Separate ballot box for each poll

In areas where these coincide, voters will cast their ballots at the same polling station, but must ensure that they place the correct ballot paper in the right ballot box, or it will not be counted.

Ballots and ballot boxes will be colour-co-ordinated and polling station staff will be able to advise anyone who is unsure.

Returning Officer for each poll

Returning Officer for the by-election count and the General Election count for the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk County Constituency is Tracey Logan.

In addition to urging voters to take care when casting their ballots, Ms Logan is also appealing to postal voters to make sure they post their votes as soon as possible.

“Postal votes need to be received by 10pm on 8 June, and I would encourage anyone who has a postal vote to post it as soon as possible,” Ms Logan said. “Not only does this ensure that your vote counts, it also helps speed up the count process on the night as all verification can be completed in advance.”

Mark your ballot paper with an ‘X’

Voters are also reminded that in both polls they are asked to vote with an X.

To vote in either poll you must be eligible and have applied to be registered. The deadline for registration was midnight on Monday 22 May.

Postal and proxy vote applications

If you have requested a postal vote, be aware that the postal vote packs will not be received until 2 June.

Applications for a proxy vote can be made up until 5pm on Wednesday 31 May by contacting the Electoral Registration Officer by calling 01835 825100 or emailing [email protected]