Yetholm and District Community Council Election to take place

Published: 16th May 2017

Person posting ballot into box

An election for Yetholm and District Community Council will be held on Monday 22 May.

Voting will take place in the Wauchope Hall between 1pm and 3pm, then 6pm to 8pm. Voting forms and the ballot box will be available in the hall during these times.

All those in the community council area, who are entitled to vote in a local government election, can vote. 

16 and 17 year olds are entitled to vote and will need to provide proof of date of birth. 

The candidates:

  • Lesley Dougal
  • Iain Dougal
  • Zoe Keddie
  • Lesley Riseam
  • Susan Stewart
  • Angela Walker
  • Graeme Wallace

Each voter will be entitled to five votes. The five seats will be filled by the five candidates with the highest number of votes.