First Scotland East’s services in the Borders

Bus stop sign with blue sky and clouds in the background.

Published: Thursday, 9th March 2017

We are aware of the discussions between First Scotland East and West Coast Motors regarding the purchase of First’s operations in the Borders.

Having spoken to both operators this week, we are confident that, should the purchase go ahead, the existing level of services for passengers will be maintained in the short term. 

Current working relationship with West Coast Motors

We already work alongside West Coast Motors, and its Perryman's Buses business, after the company took on a number of First services in the Borders last year, which they are successfully operating. 

We welcome the assurances given by First that all jobs, pay and conditions will be protected, with staff transferring to West Coast Motors if the sale is completed.

We will work closely with both companies during any transition period and will continue our partnership with West Coast Motors to deliver improved services in the longer term, whatever the outcome of the current negotiations.

Further updates

A further statement will be issued in due course if the sale is concluded.