Gala Water Directory for older people launched

Older people gathered in a room each holding a copy of a leaflet

Published: Thursday, 09th March 2017

A directory for older people in the Gala Water area has been launched by the Stow Lunch Club.

Members were keen to produce a directory that contained information about activities, services and organisations provided in the local community so that older people were aware of what was available.

Community activities for older people

When the Club was approached by our Community Capacity Building Team (CCBT) to see what they thought might help older people be more engaged and involved in community activities, they suggested the directory as a good starting point and the idea became possible.

Get your copy of the directory

The directory will be distributed widely throughout the Gala Water area with copies available through older people’s groups and in village halls and local shops. There will also be copies in the Stow Medical Centre, which has been very supportive of the project.

For more information or to get a copy of the directory, contact Jessica Troughton on 07940 201562.

Lunch Club member, Jessica Troughton

“This was an idea that we had been discussing periodically for some time as we felt there were a number of people in the Stow area who weren’t aware of the range of activities and services available both locally and nationally that might be of interest to them. While such information can be found online nowadays, not everyone has access to a computer and we thought that a paper directory would be something that could be really useful.

“We were also conscious that we are quite a rural community and wanted to do what we could to lessen social isolation for anyone who might not know of activities going on that could help reduce that.”

“Once we realised that we could actually make this happen, we spent a great deal of time thinking about and pulling together all the information that we wanted to include before it went away to be designed. Then we had time to look over the proofs to make sure we were happy with it all before it finally went to print.

“It is wonderful to see our vision become a reality with the actual copies of the directory now ready to be shared with the people for whom it was created.”

Councillor Frances Renton, Executive Member for Social Work and Housing

“The focus of the CCBT is to work alongside older people in local communities and support them to have a greater say in what is important to them and what they would like to see happening. They continue to make a hugely important and positive contribution and it is part of the team’s role to see what is working well already but then see what they can do to support filling any gaps. This directory is a wonderful example of that process in action. I am sure it will prove to be an extremely useful resource, not only for older people but also their families, carers and the professionals who support them.”

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