Councillors agree detailed project funding proposals

Coins in a purse

Published: Thursday, 9th March 2017

Projects ranging from replacing windows in schools to flood protection works will be undertaken across the area following the allocation of £40million by Executive Committee earlier this week.

The committee agreed the detailed allocation of capital funds for individual projects and programmes for the next three financial years. These allocations are from specific block programmes within the wider capital budget approved on 9 February.

Major investment in roads and school estate

Over £6.7m will be spent on roads and bridges in 2017/18, with a total spend of almost £19m over the three years. Over £11m will also be spent on our school estate through a variety of projects.

Further block allocations will come forward for approval in due course.

Block allocations to 2019/20 agreed


  • £5,980,000 on roads surface dressing
  • £1.9m on masonry refurbishment of bridges
  • £163,000 on play facilities, with further allocations still to be made


  • £142,000 on Eyemouth Coastal Flood Scheme preparations
  • £53,000 for play facilities at Home Park, Coldstream
  • £50,000 for drainage works at Gavinton playing fields
  • £100,000 on enhancing ASN provision


  • £45,000 on window upgrades at Morebattle and Edenside primary schools
  • £86,000 for Jedburgh Leisure Facilities Trust
  • £11,000 for seating and sound booth at Tait Hall, Kelso


  • £640,000 on Lowood Bridge works
  • £850,000 on Clackmae bridge
  • £152,000 for upgrade of open space and play facilities at Galashiels Public Park
  • £95,000 for improvements to Victoria Hall, Selkirk, including seating and kitchen

Teviot and Liddesdale

  • £500,000 on Bowanhill bridge
  • £225,000 on Crowbyres flood bund and Liddesdale Crescent flood protection in Hawick
  • £400,000 on window and classroom works at Hawick High School
  • £250,000 on enhancing ASN provision


  • £307,000 on Peebles, Innerleithen, Broughton flood scheme preparations
  • £70,000 on Romanno Bridge flood bank
  • £30,000 for drainage works at Victoria Park, Innerleithen
  • £250,000 on enhancing ASN provision

Councillor John Mitchell, Depute Leader (with responsibility for Finance)

“The overall budget for these works was agreed last month, however the block allocations agreed this week provide detail on what and where this money will be spent.

“Of particular note are the funds provided for improvements to our schools, including new windows at Hawick High School and enhancements to Additional Support Needs (ASN) provision in Galashiels Academy. This follows the recent opening of the dedicated Leader Valley School and will improve the transition for pupils moving from there to secondary school, as well as those already at the Academy.

“Almost £500,000 will also be spent during 2017/18 on flood scheme preparations across the Borders, including in Peebles, Broughton and Newcastleton, and general flood protection works will also be undertaken in Earlston, Romanno Bridge and on the Slitrig in Hawick in the coming years.”

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