Newcastleton Primary School and Nursery praised by Education Scotland

Published: Tuesday, 7th March 2017

The Education Scotland report on Newcastleton Primary School and Nursery released on 7 March has praised the quality of provision being delivered across both settings.

Inspectors visited the school in January when they found children to be highly motivated, articulate and engaged in a range of interesting and positive learning experiences.

Positive ethos praised

The leadership of the headteacher, together with staff, was seen to be creating a positive and inclusive ethos while the positive relationships between the school and its community was supporting children in their learning, wellbeing and development. This was further evident in the children’s leadership of, and successes in, a wide range of clubs and committees, particularly in local events.

Headteacher, Andy Jones

“I am very pleased that Education Scotland has acknowledged the many strengths of our school, and how the staff are very committed to achieving success for all their children. We have a positive and inclusive ethos which is recognised by our parents, people in the community and visitors. We are continually reflecting on the work of the school and are pleased that the inspection team is confident with our capacity to improve and that they have agreed with our next steps and areas for development. 

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff who work in the school for their dedication to giving the children the best learning opportunities and experiences they can. Their commitment – along with that of our parents, partners, the local community and of course our motivated and hardworking pupils – makes Newcastleton Primary a school we can all be proud of.” 

Chairperson of Newcastleton School Partnership, Diane Adamson

“I am thrilled that Education Scotland has acknowledged the way in which our school and staff are so deeply committed to obtaining success for all the children who attend.

“As Chair of the Partnership, I feel that one of our greatest strengths and contributions is the way in which we work with the staff to help them give our children the very best learning experiences. By supplementing their resources to enable school trips, for example, our fundraising plays a vital role in enabling the school as a whole to have the best experiences possible. The community also play a huge part in supporting us with a wide range of local residents - not just families – all keen to be involved in what the pupils are doing and more than willing to help out where they can.

“This is a lovely village school which is very much part of the local community and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Going forward

We have agreed with the school and Education Scotland that we will:

  • continue to develop a common and shared understanding of standards of children’s attainment
  • work to implement a range of approaches to track and monitor children’s progress and the impact of interventions to ensure all children make the best possible progress.

More information

• Education Scotland is the national body responsible for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching from early years to adult and community learning.
• The report is available from the Education Scotland website