Proposals for Hawick funding has been agreed

Hawick Primary School children signing a steel support beam

Published: Thursday, 2nd March 2017

We will submit formal proposals to the Scottish Government for the allocation of £3.625million to support Hawick following the agreement of the Council on Thursday 2 March

.As part of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, the town was allocated the share of a £10m fund, with the stipulation that the funding must be committed to projects by 31 March 2017.

The Scottish Government funds are aimed at:

  • helping to deliver a variety of business infrastructure projects
  • helping to drive the local economy
  • encouraging business growth and new investment in the town

Potential boost for local jobs and property development

It is anticipated these projects will provide new job opportunities to benefit the local community as well as act as a catalyst for further potential property development in the future. 

The funding followed the development of the initial Hawick Action Plan by SBC, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government and local businesses and community groups.

Following a report to the meeting of the full council in private – due to commercially sensitive information – a proposal for key sites for immediate development along with feasibility studies for some other prominent sites will be submitted to the Scottish Government by SBC. 

The plans have been developed by officers and narrowed down from a wide range of initial options following significant work and liaison with:

  • the Scottish Government
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Hawick’s elected members
  • key members of our Administration

Councillor Stuart Bell, Executive Member for Economic Development

“Since the Scottish Government announced the availability of funding for Hawick in late September, a huge amount of work has been carried out to get us to the position today where the Council has been able to agree on the final proposals to go forward to the Government for consideration.

“We anticipate that these projects will have a really positive impact on Hawick.  However, we know this is the first stage of a long process to help regenerate the town.  While these projects will help towards some of the aims of the Hawick Action Plan, we need to continue to work in partnership to address the challenges that Hawick faces.  The wide range of elements in the Action Plan cannot be delivered by the public sector alone.

“Hopefully the funding and these projects, which we will make public as soon as we can, will encourage the private sector and community of Hawick to rally behind the Action Plan and work with us to improve and bring vitality back to the town.”