Hawick Flood Protection Scheme moves to next phase

Drone image of the River Teviot through Hawick

Published: Thursday, 2nd March 2017

The construction of a flood protection scheme for Hawick is a step closer after Councillors approved the final outline design of the project.

The decision taken at Council meeting on Thursday 2 March means the publication of the scheme – the most important phase of the project - can now take place in April 2017.

Objections to the flood protection scheme

Publication opens the scheme up to potential objections. The project team have aimed to minimise objections by carrying out extensive proactive engagement with statutory consultees and the community in the last two years to overcome key concerns.

Upon publication of the scheme, there will be a formal 28 days objection period, before Councillors will be asked to give final approval for the scheme, which is expected to take place in September 2017.

Flood protection scheme programme

Approval will decide the scheme’s programme and if the project will be successfully funded by the Scottish Government.

The estimated overall costs of the scheme continue to be refined as the detailed design develops. The completion of the project is currently scheduled for March 2022.

It is expected that the Scottish Government will meet 80 per cent of the overall costs, and we will provide the remainder of the costs.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“Significant progress has been made by the Council to the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme in recent months.

“The process has been aided by engagement with the public, community groups and businesses in order to overcome key issues, which if raised as objections after publication of the scheme could have led to delays.

“The support from members of the Hawick community has been invaluable, and the Council is committed to delivering a flood protection scheme for townsfolk who have suffered from flooding in recent years.

“With the opening of the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme this week, we can see the tangible benefits of such a project, with 600 homes and businesses now protected from major flood events.

“We believe Hawick Flood Protection Scheme can provide similar opportunities around business growth and employment, as well as providing protection to people’s homes from major flood events.”

Further information

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