Wilton Lodge Park film project opportunity for young people

Blue and yellow bandstand in park land

Published: Monday, 23rd January 2017

Wilton Lodge Park is inviting young people from the Hawick area to participate in a film project about the park.

The challenge will be to capture a year in the life of the park in photo and film and to produce a short film.

First project information meeting

The first information meeting for the project will take place on Saturday 28 January at 12noon in the theatre at Heart of Hawick.

Local artist and film-maker, Dawn Berry, will be leading the project.

Gordon Webber, Wilton Lodge Park Events Manager

“It is an exciting year for Wilton Lodge Park and we thought it would be nice to get a youth perspective on the life of the park.

“Lots will be going on with the usual events programme but also the addition of the new café, playpark and bridge. There should be lots of material there to capture.”

Dawn Berry, Project Manager

“We will provide the tools and guidance needed to film, edit and score the film but ultimately we want the input from the youth participants on what they want to see in the film and tell their story of the park’s life.”

For more information, contact Dawn Berry at 07886 313134 or see Dawn Berry Arts Facebook page.  

Project funding and progress

The film project is part of the £3.64million Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project, which we are funding, along with the Heritage Lottery Fund.

More information is available on: