New A68 crossing for Earlston

A68 crossing to Earlston

Published: Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

A new safe push button pedestrian crossing is to be situated on the A68 for the community of Earlston.

Earlston Community Council and Leaderdale and Melrose Councillors David Parker, Jim Torrance and Iain Gillespie have been campaigning to secure the crossing for nearly a decade and there have been many meetings with those responsible for the trunk road to lay the ground work for the new crossing which is expected to be constructed by spring/summer 2017.

Councillor Parker

“Jim, Iain and I have worked in partnership with Earlston Community Council to ensure that a safe push button pedestrian crossing is provided on the A68. 

"The new Community Council in particular have put a lot of effort into campaigning hard to secure a crossing and the wider community of Earlston have made lots of representations on this issue over many years. 

"It has taken ten years of hard work to persuade Transport Scotland to invest in a pedestrian crossing and it is fantastic news for Earlston that it has been secured and will be in place next year. As well as the new pedestrian crossing, other measures will be put in place to reduce the speed of motorists on the A68 through Earlston."

Earlston CC Chairman John Paton-Day

“The Community Council is overjoyed to hear that Transport Scotland will fund a pedestrian crossing. 

"The Community Council have received many representations from local residents about the need for a safe crossing on the A68 and we have worked alongside our SBC Councillors to do everything possible to secure one. Many meetings have taken place with Amey and Transport Scotland to explain in detail why the crossing is so important. 

"As a Community Council we really appreciate the support of the community of Earlston in raising issues of concern about the need for the crossing and we would like to thank Transport Scotland, Amey and SBC for all the work that has gone on to make the crossing a reality.”

Sheila Gibb, Secretary, Earlston Community Council, who has helped co-ordinate recent activity regarding the crossing campaign

“By working in partnership with our three SBC Councillors, the Community Council has managed to secure a crossing that some though impossible. At the moment a lot of work is going on in Earlston to develop a Community Action Plan which will ultimately lead to improvements for everyone in the Earlston community. 

"The successful campaign to secure the crossing shows that when everyone pulls together, things that the community want to see happen, can become a reality. 

"I know that everyone behind the Community Action Plan work will be heartened by this news as the Community Action Plan is developed over the coming months. Next year significant work will go on with the community to determine the projects and services that the people of Earlston want to see delivered.”

Once the detailed design of the crossing and other features are complete, these will be made available for the public to discuss.