Artefacts help visitors get In Touch with the Past at new exhibition

Published: Friday, 28th November 2014

From the Stone Age to the arrival of the Romans, a new exhibition at Hawick Museum looks at the early people of our region and how they lived.

‘In Touch with the Past’ features fascinating real artefacts, from flints to Roman kitchenware and coins, as well as informative reproduction items, which help shed light on local life thousands of years ago.

Set design

At the free exhibition, which runs until Sunday 22 February, visitors can admire the skills of the Mesolithic hunter gatherers in making the tools they needed to catch their food - a flint arrow has brought down a large deer, which has not only provided meat but also bone and sinew for sewing, and its hide for clothing. Through interesting set-dressing in this exhibition visitors can get a feel for the material culture of our very distant ancestors.

Roman coin hoard

The military success of the Romans brought a new order to Britain, though our region was only on the edge of this. Nevertheless, artefacts from Trimontium and other finds on show are evidence that the Roman way of life took root here too. Rome’s military might is brought to life with reproduction weapons, shields and armour at the exhibition. A wonderful Roman coin hoard is on show, and visitors can even learn some Latin.

Opening times

This entertaining and educational exhibition is open Monday to Friday, 12noon to 3pm, and from 1pm to 3pm on Sundays on the ground floor of Hawick Museum.