Community trust celebrate six-figure grant for business unit project

Published: Friday, 28th November 2014

The tireless work of Newlands Community Development Trust in Romanno Bridge has resulted in a grant of £245,277 from the Scottish Government to help create business units.

The Newlands Rural Business Units Project was put forward for the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund by us.

The grant is part of a £14million cash boost to transform disadvantaged areas of the country which was announced this week by Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess and Councillor Stephen Hagan, COSLA spokesperson for Development, Economy and Sustainability.

Major John Currie, chair of the board of trustees of Newlands Community Development Trust (NCDT)

“We are absolutely delighted with the news of this award which will now allow us to refurbish the Newlands Memorial Hall and turn it into business units that will deliver benefits for our community.

“The board would like to thank Scottish Borders Council for their support once again to NCDT and we look forward to working with the Council as we move this project forward.”

Business units

The project was developed by NCDT following the closure of Newlands Memorial Hall, and on the back of the creation of the trust’s first community-owned asset, the very successful Newlands Centre.

NCDT acquired the hall from us and has tirelessly set about planning its redevelopment into rural business units. The project aims to provide three business spaces, support for at least four jobs and two apprenticeships.

The income stream from the units may be used to help subsidise key service delivery at the Newlands Centre, as determined by the wider community.

Councillor Stuart Bell, Executive Member for Economic Development

“I am very pleased that the hard work of the trust has been rewarded with this substantial grant, and that we were able to assist the group by submitting the application to the fund.

“This is an exciting project being taken on by NCDT and it has the potential to be replicated in other areas of the Scottish Borders, where community-led schemes such as this could provide significant local benefits.”

Funding announcement

The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund has been developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with local authorities to deliver new and improved infrastructure in disadvantaged and deprived areas. It accepts applications from councils, urban regeneration companies and regeneration special purpose vehicles.

Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess MSP

“Regenerating disadvantaged communities is a key priority for the Scottish Government, and I am delighted to join with COSLA in announcing this £14 million investment in 18 projects under the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund.

“Not only will these projects help transform neighbourhoods and deliver real benefits to local communities, but they will also contribute to stimulating economic growth by supporting and creating jobs.”

More information

The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund is a £25m per annum fund covering the period 2014/15 and 2015/16 and this latest announcement will bring the total number of projects receiving funding to 40, taking the overall investment to £50m.

Recommendations on which projects should receive funding are made to Scottish Ministers and COSLA by the independent RCGF Investment Panel.

Further information on the fund and detail on the individual projects can be found on the Scottish Government website.