Council agrees to new committee structure

Published: Friday, 21st November 2014

A new committee structure has been agreed.

What are the changes?

  • A Scrutiny Committee will be brought in along with a call-in procedure, which will allow the group to review decisions made by the Executive Committee.
  • Executive Committee taking on the remit of the Education, Environment and Infrastructure and Social Work and Housing committees, which will all cease from 1 January 2015.
  • Executive Committee meetings will have themes – Education, Finance, Performance and Economic Development – with general business following afterwards. Meetings are expected to be held around every two weeks instead of the current monthly schedule.
  • There will also be deputations introduced within the formal committee structure to allow issues to be raised by community groups that fall within our responsibility and the general well-being of the residents of the Borders.
  • Deputations will be considered by the Petitions committee.

SBC Leader, Councillor David Parker

“When the current committee structure was agreed in 2012, we committed to reviewing it.

“As part of the review, it was widely felt that we should reintroduce a Scrutiny committee to provide a balance and allow the Executive to be challenged on decisions.

“The introduction of a deputations procedure will allow topics of public interest to be raised and while the overall number of meetings are scheduled to be a reduced from 111 to 99, the structure now means we have a more streamline decision making process in place.”

Appointments to the new Scrutiny Committee will be made at the December meeting of Council, along with any changes to existing committee memberships.

More information

A report on SBC’s decision making structure was approved at a full meeting yesterday (Thursday 20 November). The full report is available at our website.