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Scottish Borders Community Plan

The Scottish Borders Community Plan outlines how the Community Planning Partnership along with local communities and businesses will work together to address Borders-wide inequalities and improve outcomes. The plan has four themes and 15 outcomes.

Outcomes by Theme

Our Economy, Skills and Learning

  •  More people working more productively for higher wages
  •  More business people benefitting from greater investment and better support for their new and existing businesses, particularly in key growth sectors
  •  More highly skilled workers
  •  More people shopping, visiting and spending in local town centres
  •  More people benefitting from better digital connectivity
  •  More LAC (looked after and accommodated) children and young people in positive and sustained destinations
  •  More children, particularly those living in poverty, achieving higher levels of attainment

Our Health, Care and Well-Being

  •  More people in good health and leading an active lifestyle at any age or stage in life
  •  More people in good mental health at any age or stage in life
  •  Improved support and care for older people

Our Quality of Life

  •  Fewer people experiencing violence (including domestic abuse)
  •  Fewer people experiencing anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  •  Fewer people killed or seriously injured on our roads

Our Place

  •  More people able to afford to heat their homes
  •  More people living independently in affordable and sustainable homes