Localities Bid Fund

Voting FAQs

Updated 17.05.2019

Who can vote?

You can only vote if you live in the Scottish Borders and are aged 16 years and over.

How can I vote?

You can vote online, by post or at a voting event.

How do I vote online?

You need to register on our online voting tool (Consul). You will receive a confirmation email from Consul asking you to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email. You will be able to cast your vote on Consul until 5pm on Friday 7 June.

Find out how to register and vote online for the public vote with our step-by-step guide.

How do I vote by post?

If you would like to be sent a postal ballot paper please contact us by emailing [email protected], by phoning 0300 100 1800 or you can write in to Communities & Partnership Team, Council Headquarters, Newtown St. Boswells, Melrose TD6 0SA. Postal ballots can be returned by FREEPOST or you can hand your paper ballot in to your local voting event. Postal ballots must be returned to us by 3:45pm on Friday 14 June 2019.

Sample ballot papers are are available on our website.

Can I request a batch of postal ballots for a group?

No, but you can collect names and addresses of those who wish to receive a postal ballot using our form, which you will need to send in to us (by Thursday 6 June) and we will send out paper ballots to those individuals.

Where are the voting events?

There will be one voting event per locality:

  • Berwickshire: Saturday 25 May, 10am-2pm at Eyemouth Community Centre
  • Cheviot: Saturday 18 May, 10am-2pm at Royal British Legion in Jedburgh
  • Eildon: Saturday 1 June, 10am-2pm at MacArts in Galashiels
  • Teviot and Liddesdale: Saturday 18 May, 10am-2pm at Lesser Town Hall, Hawick
  • Tweeddale: Saturday 1 June, 10am-2pm at the Old Parish Church in Peebles

Projects will have a stall at the voting events so you can chat with them to find out more about their idea. You can vote on the day if you wish or vote online or by ballot paper after the event.

How do I know which area to vote in?

Your postcode will determine which area you can vote in. Use our Find It tool to find out which locality you live in. If you are voting by post, we will provide you with the correct postal voting form.

Can I vote in more than one area?

No, you can only vote in one area.

What information do I need in order to be able to vote?

When the public vote opens we will need to verify your details, we need your:

  • email address (for online verification purposes only)
  • full name
  • full address
  • postcode
  • date of birth (dd/mm/yy)

Where can I get information about the projects that I'm voting on?

A summary of each project is available on our website and on our online voting tool. Project are also attending the local voting events. If you want more information about any of the projects please contact us at [email protected] or on 0300 100 1800.

What happens if I can't get to a voting event?

You can vote online or by ballot paper between 16 May and 7 June. 

Can I vote for more than one project in my area?

Yes, you will have a mandatory number of votes to cast, this means that you will have to use all the votes you are given. The number of mandatory votes is dependent on the number of projects in your locality/area going forward to the public vote:

  • Berwickshire: you cast 5 votes across 19 projects
  • Cheviot: you cast 3 votes across 8 projects
  • Eildon: you cast 5 votes across 20 projects
  • Teviot and Liddesdale: you cast 3 votes across 8 projects
  • Tweeddale: you cast 5 votes across 18 projects

You must cast all your mandatory votes, if not your vote will not count.

Can projects request ballot papers to give out to people in their community?

No. Each ballot paper has a serial number which will be recorded against the home address that the ballot paper is sent to. For this reason, projects are not able to hand out ballot papers but they can provide us with the names and addresses of those who wish to receive a ballot paper and have consented to have their contact details shared with us. We will then post out a ballot paper directly to them.

I've registered online but have not been asked to confirm where I live?

You will be asked to provide your full name, full address, postcode and date of birth when verifying yourself to vote when voting opens on Friday 17 May.

How did you decide how many votes can be cast?

The number of votes allocated per voter depends on the number of projects in your area to ensure that the process is as fair as possible. Mandatory voting encourages votes to be spread across a number of projects (not just one project) and each vote is weighted equally.

Will there only be one successful winner or will there be 1, 2, 3 etc.?

The project that gets the most votes will receive the funding it has asked for and then the second most popular project and so on until the amount of funding available has been spent.

Surely people will vote for projects near them rather than those further away?

Studies have shown that when people have more than one vote to cast they choose a project nearest to them and others that are of broader community interest. Mandatory voting encourages the voter to spread their votes.

Can I vote for the projects in order, i.e. 1, 2, 3?

No, all votes carry the same weight.

If projects submit applications for a large amount of money, which swallows up most of the available pot, will they receive all of what they have asked for?

Yes they will. This fund is piloting Participatory Budgeting which means the community decides which projects are to be funded. It will be up to the community in each area of the Scottish Borders to decide which projects they wish to allocate funding to and which they do not. Our Communities & Partnerships Team will assist projects who are not successful to identify potential alternative funding options.

When will we know the result of the public vote?

We anticipate announcing the successful projects in June/July 2019.

How do I get people to vote?

You can encourage people in your community to vote in various ways e.g. word of mouth, promotional flyers, social media (such as Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin) or, community events. It is your project and it is up to you how you promote it within your community. We have prepared a few suggestions to get you started.

Why should I get involved in voting?

Participatory budgeting will be used as a way for communities to have more control and ownership of what happens in their local area. This pilot is helping us to plan for the future by understanding what works and what could be improved. 

Localities Bid Fund is your opportunity to influence what activities are delivered in your area now!

Can I change my vote?

If you make a mistake on your ballot paper you can request a new ballot paper.

Will SBC promote my project?

We will be regularly promoting the Localities Bid Fund Vote via social media, the local press, and our website. It is up to each bidding organisation to promote their own project and get their community behind them. 

When will successful projects receive their funding?

Once the results of the vote are known, our Communities and Partnerships team will work with the successful projects to prepare for the start of their project.