Localities Bid Fund



LBF2 Vote

Work is currently underway to count the paper ballots and we are anticipating being able to share the results of the public vote at the beginning of July.

Localities Bid Fund (£500,000)

We have allocated a total of £500,000 to the Localities Bid Fund for the purpose of piloting participatory budgeting across the Scottish Borders.

This fund is split across the five Area Partnership areas and will support community projects and initiatives using participatory budgeting (public voting). The fund's aim is to achieve local priorities and benefit communities, by supporting community groups to fund ideas and projects which improve the lives of people living in the Scottish Borders. 

The fund is also aligned to the themes of the Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership's Community Plan and our Corporate Plan, and if applicable any locally identified priorities by your local Area Partnership.

Round 2 (£296,241) - Basic details

  • The Localities Bid Fund is split by area (locality):
  • The bidding for Round 2 is now closed.
  • An assessment panel met to assess the applications submitted and if the application successfully meets the criteria then it will be put to a public vote with the other eligible bids.
  • Applicants have been notified as to whether their projects have or have not gone forward to the public vote in their respective area/locality.

Voting Process

  • Local residents and communities can vote on which projects should receive funding
  • The public vote will take place between Thursday 16th May 2019 and Friday 7th June 2019 (postal ballots must be returned to Headquarters by 3:45pm on Friday 14 June)
  • You can only vote if you live in the Scottish Borders and are aged 16 years and over
  • You can now pre-register before and during the public vote
    • For online voting via our Consul platform
    • For postal voting by calling or writing in to us
  • You will be able to vote either online, at a voting event or by post
  • Residents wishing to vote by proxy can do - please get in touch with us if you wish to do so
  • You will get one opportunity to vote
  • All votes will be verified
  • Your postcode will determine which locality/area you can vote in
  • You will have a mandatory number of votes to cast. The number of mandatory votes is dependent on the number of projects in your locality/area going forward to the public vote.

Round 1 (£203,759) - Summary

Find out who the successful projects were from Round 1.

A summary of the evaluation of Round 1 is also available.

If you would like more information on any of the above please contact our Community Grants team online.