Localities Bid Fund

Latest update on Localities Bid Fund: Friday 19th January 2018  

Localities Bid Fund (£500,000)

We have allocated a total of £500,000 to the Localities Bid Fund for the purpose of piloting participatory budgeting across the Scottish Borders.

This fund is split across the five Area Partnership areas and will support community projects and initiatives using participatory budgeting (public voting). The fund's aim is to achieve local priorities and benefit communities, by supporting community groups to fund ideas and projects which improve the lives of people living in the Scottish Borders. 

The fund is also aligned to the themes of the Community Plan, which has been prepared and published by the Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership. This has a vision to improve the quality of life for all who live in the Borders, with a specific focus of reducing inequalities.

Basic details

  • The Localities Bid Fund and the projects going forward to public vote are split by area:
  • Over 130 applications were received
  • The public vote will take place in February 2018 and is where local residents and communities vote on which ideas/projects should receive funding
  • Using your postcode you will be able to vote for your favourite projects in the following ways:
    • online
    • in person at designated ballot box locations
    • by contacting us to get a ballot paper sent to you and returning your ballot paper back to us by freepost
  • Once the voting is closed we will collect all the votes and announce the successful bids in early March 2018

If you would like more information please contact our Community Grants team online.