Grants for childcare providers

Grants for 2018/19

Additional support needs

To support the inclusion of children with additional support needs through supplementary or specialised staffing, staff training to help meet a child’s specific needs or purchase of specialised equipment.

Vulnerable out of school care clubs

Support for out of school care groups who may face closure without this support. However, a grant will only be considered when there is evidence of other funding applications/routes having been tried and the results of these.

Vulnerable playgroups

Support for groups who are commissioned by us to provide early learning and childcare (ELCC) and who are facing possible closure due to financial difficulties,

Vulnerable non-commissioned playgroups/parent and toddler groups

Support for groups who are not commissioned and who are facing possible closure due to financial difficulties.

More information

Applications forms and detailed guidance can be downloaded from our website.

Advice on setting up and appropriate training is also available.