Community Fund

The Community Fund is changing. Each of our five Area Partnerships (Berwickshire, Cheviot, Eildon, Teviot and Liddesdale and Tweeddale) now have the flexibility to adapt the Community Fund scheme in their area. 

The Community Fund will continue to provide support to voluntary and community groups that are active within their communities and assist communities or interest groups with the development of community based projects, however the fund may be changing in your area.

Working groups are considering how they would like to adapt the fund to meet local funding needs. Any amendments will need to be approved by your local Area Partnership and the final decision of any funding applications will remain with the Area Partnership.

COVID-19 restrictions for all Community Funds

Only electronic applications can be accepted at this time whilst we are working under COVID-19 restrictions. All information regarding the Community Fund will therefore be provided electronically. The need for electronic communication will be removed when operations return to normal following the lifting of restrictions.

Funding allocation by Locality

Funding tables presented at Area Partnership meetings will be available soon.

Previous Awards

For more information please contact our Community Grants team.