Community grant scheme

Community grant scheme (£133,891)

Our community grant scheme can offer grants to constituted voluntary/community groups to support delivery of community projects in the Borders area. It can also provide one-off support grants to groups who are facing temporary financial difficulties.

Basic details

  • grants up to a maximum of £5,000 available
  • decisions on funding within 8 weeks
  • 10% match-funding required for requests of £500 and over
  • applications need to be submitted well in advance of project start dates
  • your group should also check other possible external funding sources before applying

Group set up

To be able to apply your group should:

  • be fully constituted with a minimum of 3 members
  • have a bank or building society account in the group's name
  • have independently approved annual accounts (new groups should be able to provide a 12 month estimate of income and expenditure)
  • be committed to equality for all


Your group's activities should benefit the well-being of the Borders people and your project should meet one of the following:

  • communities have more access to better quality local services or activities (including arts, music, heritage or sports activities)
  • communities have more access to a better quality environment (including the built environment)
  • communities have more pride in their community
  • communities have more access to better quality advice and information
  • more local groups or services are better supported to recover from financial difficulty

Please read the attached Guidance Notes carefully before filling in an application form to ensure you have the necessary documentation in front of you to allow you to complete the form.   You can fill in an application form here.  

The funding in Tweeddale area has now been fully utilised for 2017/18.  If you are looking for funding for community projects in that area please contact the Community Grants team for advice.

View the awards we have made from 2014-2017.

If you would like more information please contact our Community Grants team online.