Corporate Performance Priorities

Excellent, Accessible Services

Local context

Lifestyles and expectations have changed dramatically over the last few years, with customers expecting services to be available 24/7 and on a self-serve/online basis. We, along with our partners, need to respond appropriately, ensuring that services are fully accessible, and provide value for money. A new 13 years contract with one of the world’s leading IT providers, CGI, will ensure that not only are our internal systems more robust but critically, that customers can take advantages of many more digitally enabled services.. These will come on stream from mid- 2017.

Providing a comprehensive range of services across a large rural area does present real challenges and in many cases affects the cost of providing services, with staff and Councillors having to travel long distances to reach service users or constituents. We are currently exploring different ways of providing services, for example using community trusts and the voluntary sector, and will help us address the various parts of the Community Empowerment Act (2015)

Our services

Our “Customer Advice and Support Services” function provides the first point of contact for customers and aims to deal with as many enquiries at first point of contact, through either our Contact Centres or through our 0300 100 1800 number. Where services are not provides to the quality that people expect, we make necessary changes and learn from complaints and comments.

Generally, Borders residents are very satisfied with the services we provide, as demonstrated in our recent Household Survey. However, our wide ranging corporate transformation programme will ensure that we continue to deliver, high-quality and improved services, despite financial challenges and changing customer expectations.

Priorities for the future

  • Continue to roll out and development of modern customer services across the Council
  • Through our contract with CGI, implement modern ICT systems that support us to deliver services to the customer more efficiently and effectively and help save money
  • Expand and update our online services for people who are applying for planning permission or building warrants
  • Deliver information sharing requirements across partners
  • Review service delivery and Trust models to develop more cost effective service delivery models, for example joint ventures
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