Corporate Performance Priorities

Our Assets and Resources

Local context

We have a large and varied portfolio of land, buildings and other assets. It is important that these are used as effectively and efficiently as possible to deliver on our policies and priorities, and that these assets are fit for purpose to meet the future requirements of service delivery. The condition of our estate and the location of some properties, combined with a depressed property market in Borders, means that we face real challenges over the next few years but we will work through these challenges at local level, with partners and communities, addressing the new requirements of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act.

Our services

Within our “Place” department, we have a range of services responsible for property development and maintenance. These services work hard to ensure that other areas, for example schools, can provide high quality services and that the buildings from which we operate are safe and secure. We are also working closely with partners to explore, for example, opportunities around providing services from the same premises.

Priorities for the future

  • Rationalise  our estate and only retain the property we need to deliver services efficiently and effectively
  • Explore the possibilities for joint delivery and co-location of services with partners and communities, including transferring ownership where appropriate
  • Focus on strategic “Spend to Save” projects and initiatives, including a wide range of projects for the estate to save on energy costs
  • Change staff working practices so we don’t need as many buildings, and so staff can work more flexibly e.g. from home or using mobile devices when visiting customers