Corporate Performance Priorities

Our Workforce

Local context

We are one of the largest employers in the region. Unsurprisingly, we have an ageing workforce (the Borders has an ageing population) and there are certain areas of our workforce where there is underrepresentation of equalities group. We are working hard to address this through our practices and policies e.g. our Work Opportunities Policy provides a range of opportunities for those who need a bit of extra support, for example, those leaving care.

Our services

Our Human Resources services support all areas with issues like absence management, recruitment, and payroll, and with longer term workforce development and organisational design. A range of performance measures are reported monthly to our Corporate Management Team for example on absence rates, uptake of corporate training, how well we are doing in terms of providing work opportunities to young people and others who need support in employment.

Priorities for the future

  • Continue to review policies and procedures to ensure that no equality group faces barriers in relation to employment opportunities and career progression
  • Workforce planning within each department to ensure that we are ready to address future challenges and continue to provide high quality services
  • Deliver our Workforce Transformation programme to ensure a skilled, flexible, agile and motivated workforce who are equipped to deal with the challenges facing us in the future
  • Support staff during the introduction of new systems and during restructures
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