Corporate Performance Priorities

High Quality Environment

Local context

Scottish Borders has a large, varied road network connecting towns, villages and remote rural areas, which presents challenges in terms of maintenance. The rural nature of the Scottish Borders also presents challenges in terms of collecting and processing waste and in providing a comprehensive range of high quality environmental services, for example street cleansing, and the full range of services that communities have come to value and expect.

Our services

Road maintenance, waste, street cleansing, parks and open spaces, environmental health and trading standards sit within the “Place” department. With strong links between each service, our focus is on ensuring that we enhance and protect the environment and we are currently exploring alternative ways of delivering services, for example involving communities in the maintenance of our parks and open spaces.

Priorities for the future

  • Revisit our waste strategy to create efficiency savings, reduce expenditure and provide additional income through the implementation of a revised strategy that is financially and environmentally sustainable
  • Implement “spend to save” energy efficiency schemes across our estate (including street lighting replacement, and electric vehicle use)
  • Delivery of Low Carbon Economic Strategy Action Plan with community planning partners
  • Complete a review of our Roads Service to ensure the most cost effective delivery of service, balanced with optimised repair and maintenance, and enhanced customer focus