Corporate Performance Priorities

Support, Care and Protection

Local context

Scottish Borders has a higher proportion of older people compared to Scotland and this is predicted to increase. Combined with the fact that our service users are dispersed across a large rural area, and with the challenges around recruitment and retention of care at home staff in a rural area, we are now working differently and with partners to improve outcomes for those who require our care and support into the future, allowing people to live at home and as independently as possible.

Crime in the Scottish Borders is relatively low when compared to other areas of Scotland and equated to 1.18% of the national total (Groups 1 – 5) during 2015/16. During the same period there were 255.7 crimes per 10,000 of the population compared to 460.5 nationally. Of those crimes reported to the police the greater proportion are for crimes of dishonesty. Crimes of a serious nature are relatively few in number. 2016 saw the introduction of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act, introduced to prevent and reduce reoffending by addressing its underlying causes

Our services

Our adult Social Work services sit within the “People” department, with responsibility for providing care and support to any adult who requires it (care at home, repair services, community alarms, meals etc.). The new Health and Social Care Partnership is integrating our adult social work services with health services within NHS Borders, with significant benefits for services users and their families.

SB Cares, our care company, provides a wide range of services for adults who require care.

In addition to continuing to tackling issues such as domestic abuse, road safety and anti-social behaviour, the mutli-agency Safer Communities Team, based with us, will now play an important role in ensuring that arrangements for addressing Community Justice are in place, with the ultimate aim of preventing crime.

Priorities for the future

  • Ongoing integration of health and social care services to improve outcomes for service users and carers;
  • Review our Adult Services strategy for supporting independence.
  • Develop fully our new facility in Earlston to provide high quality specialist support for children and young people with profound and complex needs
  • Produce a local Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan to identify and address the underlying factors affecting criminal behaviour
  • Continue to support the 200+ looked after children in the Borders, ensuring the best possible outcomes
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