How to play your part

Supporting independent, achieving people

Over the next 5 years  

Our plan Your part

Roll out  high quality increased hours of childcare (age 2+) across the region by 2020.

Register your child and ensure they attend

Find out how to enrol your child.
Provide the best possible learning and teaching environments for all children and young people.

Make sure your child attends school, is ready to learn and is encouraged at home.Find out more information about our schools

Ensure schools “poverty proof” their action plans and give our most vulnerable children the support they need to achieve, attain and feel included.

Join your Parent Council to not only give us your views, but to work with the school to provide every child with the same opportunities.
Find out more about Parent Councils.

Keep local businesses engaged and involved in the work of our schools.

If you’re a business, get involved in our School/Employer partnerships 
(one in each high school).

Work in partnership to build the resilience of our  young people and to support and develop their emotional well-being, resilience, and mental health.

Parents, businesses, communities – it’s your responsibility to develop positive relationships with young people, treat them with respect, and build their confidence through life.
Find out more about apprenticeships.

Prepare our services for the projected  increase in the older population by:

  • Building extra care housing
  • Focusing our strategies on keeping adults more active and living independently
  • Further integrating our services with NHS Borders so services become seamless
  • Delivering more services through our Community Hubs (What Matter Scottish  Borders)
  • Developing a Dementia Strategy that will support you to remain in your home and community as long as you wish (through a combination of specialist care and support, and housing-based and residential services)
  • Strengthening and building SB Cares, SBC’s care company

Keep as active as you can, and take responsibility for your own health and well-being; look out for your family and elderly neighbours. 

Keep your body and brain healthy, through regular exercise and activity.
Find exercise classes near you
Find local walking groups.

Become more informed about services in your community for older people and those with dementia. 
Visit Borders Care Voice website to see how to get involved in the Working Group.

Consider whether or not simple equipment could help a family member remain at home.  Find out how to purchase or hire equipment.  

Establish a more joined up Public Protection Service that focuses SBC and partner work on keeping everyone in our community safe

Keep us informed – we want you to tell us about children and adults in your community who you think may be vulnerable.

Adult protection: tel: 0300 100 1800

Child protection: tel: 01896 662787