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Over the next 5 years  

Our plan Your part
Design and deliver as many services as we can online, so we can focus our face to face contact on supporting vulnerable individuals and families Use the services we put online to help us to reduce costs - click before you call 
Build the digital skills of our staff and within communities through training programmes

Find public access computers in your local library.
Help a friend or family member get online or attend locally provided training. Or could you volunteer and help with training?
Are you a provider of training? Or do you know of events happening in your community? Let us know so we can help promote this.

Develop our Customer Advice Services further to ensure that we help people deal with changes to the benefits system and a move to Universal Credit Go online to get the advice and support you need; phone us if you need more support. Help us to help you get the benefits you are entitled to
Drive out waste and inefficiency, cut unnecessary red tape and provide better value for money. And maximise the use of digital technology to improve services where possible When there’s too much red tape or you see inefficiency, work with us to suggest improvement and simplify processes. Contact our Your Part team online.  
Continue to explore different models for delivering our services e.g. with communities If you’ve got an innovative new idea about providing services, contact our Your Part team online.
Reduce the amount of property we own and operate (including the school estate) to reduce costs, energy consumption and  improve the facilities we need for the future Are you part of a group or organisation who is interested in one of our properties to create a community facility? Find out more about partnerships and communities.
Invest in our workforce through training, career development and succession planning Don’t just tell us when it’s gone wrong - tell us when you’ve received exceptional service and we’ll know our training is working. Leave a comment online.
Provide a sustainable, fit for purpose waste service that focuses on working with communities to reduce waste, recycle and reuse

REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE (correctly!)

Find out more about recycling.

Invest in roads and infrastructure in a planned, sustainable way, prioritising and communicating clearly with communities about our investment

Consult our website, report faults and potholes on line; and accept that SBC can’t do it all at once.

Notify us using our online forms.

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