Energy efficiency

What are we hoping to achieve?

Implement ‘spend to save’ energy efficiency schemes across our estate.

We use a huge amount of energy each year across our estate and there is scope to make improvements to the building fabric, as well as introducing energy efficiency measures and change staff behaviours within buildings to reduce this consumption. A project team is currently looking at options for energy efficiency projects across the Council including:

  • Building efficiency upgrades (boiler optimisers and roof insulation upgrades)
  • Building lighting replacement (replacing old and inefficient lighting)
  • Solar panel installations (across all high schools and HQ)
  • Replacing off-peak electric heating systems (new, more efficient electric heating off-set by solar panels)

These are in addition to the lighting, windows, roof, boiler and heating replacements undertaken on an annual basis (included in our 10 year Capital Programme).

Who is leading the work?

David Robertson

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