Corporate transformation programme

Changing the way we work

Our corporate transformation programme is well underway, aimed at ‘transforming’ the way we work to ensure we continue to deliver, high-quality and improved services, despite financial challenges.

The programme supports our financial planning process to ensure we can meet a £27.8m funding gap as well as achieve our vision which is to ‘seek the best quality of life for all the people in the Scottish Borders, prosperity for our businesses and good health and resilience for all our communities.’

Is it all about making savings?

There is no denying the corporate transformation programme aims to make significant savings over the next five years. Due to the ongoing pressures on public funding, combined with the increase in demand for our services, the financial challenge is going to be with us for several years to come. We therefore know we need to do things differently.

However, making savings is not just what it’s all about. As we have seen from previous projects, many other ‘non-financial’ benefits have been achieved through, for example, the introduction of the asymmetric week for schools and an overhaul of our office accommodation.

Each quarter, a progress update on corporate transformation is provided for our Executive Committee.

Find out below about each of the 14 corporate transformation projects, who’s leading each, and what we are aiming to achieve.

Project Lead
1. Workforce transformation Clair Hepburn
2. Children and young people Donna Manson
3. Adult services vacant
4. Information management Brian Frater
5. Alternative service delivery models Philip Barr
6. Co-production Murray Leys
7. Integration of health and social care Murray Leys
8. Railway Rob Dickson
9. Localities Jenni Craig
10. Waste management plan Jenni Craig
11. Digital transformation Rob Dickson, Jenni Craig
12. Transport Brian Frater
13. Energy efficiency David Robertson
14. Property and assets Martin Joyce