Summer 2022

General Information

What is Get into Summer?

We have received funding from the Scottish Government for the targeted provision of accessible activities, childcare and food for children 5 - 14 years from low-income families during the summer holidays. The targeted funding is to support children from low income families who:

  • Have a lone parent
  • Have two or more siblings (3+ children)
  • Are disabled or have a disabled sibling or parent
  • Are from a minority ethnic background
  • Have a young child in the household (less than 1 year old)
  • Have young parents (under 25yrs)

There are lots of activities on offer from our services, partners, local clubs and community groups.

What is on offer?

Over £200,000 has been provided to organisations to develop activities that would provide food, childcare and activities for those in receipt of Free School Meals, children with disabilities or Additional Special Needs, care experienced children and young people or young carers. 

How do I book a place?

The following pages provide details of what is on offer this summer for different age groups and areas. Please note, for some activities you will need to be referred by a community organisation or professional – this might be your school, youth group or a specialist service.


Please do not send your child or young person to any activities if they are showing signs of COVID-19. For more information visit NHS Inform.