Public toilets

Community Partnerships and Comfort Schemes

We are seeking to engage with community councils, local groups, businesses and others in the community who are interested in getting involved in either a comfort scheme or community partnership.

What is a comfort scheme?

A comfort scheme is where a hotel, pub, shop, village hall or public building offers its toilet facilities for the public to use at no cost - regardless of whether they are a customer or not - and receive an annual payment from the Council for doing so.

This has successfully taken place in Eyemouth and in seven other Scottish council areas.

What is a community partnership?

A community partnership is where public toilets are transferred to a community group for it to run. This has successfully taken place in Coldingham, when its toilets were transferred to a community group as part of a project which saw local people create a post office and interpretation centre. Community partnerships are also run in four other Scottish council areas.

The benefits of being involved in a community partnership or comfort scheme

  • You will be helping to provide a valuable service to your local community and visitors to your area which will be advertised on our webpage and through our social media pages
  • An annual payment will be received for those involved in the comfort scheme. If it is a community partnership, there is an opportunity for the community group running the facility to charge for usage and generate income
  • It could lead to more trade for your business or facility through people using the toilet then going on to buy products from you

Want to find out more?

You can contact us to make an initial enquiry or to find out more information. If you wish our officers can come out and speak to you and your organisation further.