Local development plan background


Examination of the plan formally began in November 2014 and concluded with the publication of the reporter's examination report in November 2015.

The reporter's report of examination is available to view, as is a summary table of recommendations.

Following consideration of the reporter's recommendations, and the limited opportunity for these to be challenged, it was recommended that Council accept all recommendations in full. At its meeting on 17 December 2015, Council accepted the proposed modifications recommended by the reporter set out in the reporter's examination report and agreed to proceed to adopt the Plan.

Supplementary Guidance: Housing

The Local Development Plan examination report proposed modifications to require an additional 916 housing units. Supplementary Guidance has been produced to identify these sites and on the 9th November 2017, Scottish Ministers confirmed that Scottish Borders Coucil could proceed to adopt the SG. The adopted SG is consequently now an adopted document and forms part of the LDP. See further information on Supplementary Guidance.

Download information relating to the examination of our local development plan