Young people

If you are a young person who is homeless or facing the threat of homelessness, please contact us and ask to speak to the Homeless Prevention Officer (Young People).

Do not wait until you are actually homeless or about to become homeless before you seek advice.

How can we help?

  • homelessness prevention - it may be possible to prevent you from becoming homeless, especially if action is taken early enough
  • mediation - if there is conflict within the family home, we may be able to help resolve the tension between you and your parents or carers
  • relationship advice - we work in partnership with a number of other agencies who can also help with issues affecting you and your family
  • housing support service - advice and information about the housing options available to you
  • homeless assessment - if we were not able to prevent your homelessness you will have a right to a full homeless assessment
  • temporary accommodation - if you complete a full homeless asessment you can request temporary accommodation

Other help available

Remember you can also speak to your pastoral or guidance teacher if you are still at school.